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Born in France in 1977, my interest in photography did not start at an early age like most photographers. Although my mum and step-dad were very much into photography themselves I was involved only when modeling for them in my teenage years. It seems that my gothique look at the time made me an interesting subject for photographers...

Growing up, my passion was music (listening, not playing) and this is what randomly led me to photography. 80s music and especially The Cure filled my life... When I was 19, I embarked on the The Cure's Swing Tour. One night, by pure chance, their manager offered me a photo pass; a stroke of luck, yet I didn't have a camera! I remember spending the first three songs in the pit, photographers all around me snapping away, while I stared at the band, only metres away, thinking it was unbelievable! I got home and asked my dad to lend me his old camera so that at the next gig, I could actually take some photos. And this is how it started...

Whilst it was very exciting to start each show at the front, the first photos were bad! you could make out shapes and colours but it was mainly blurred and unusable. However I am very determined so I persevered.

I moved to England in 1997 to be closer to the music scene, learn the language and finally understand the lyrics in all the songs I loved.

It was not until 1999, that I bought my first camera (Canon EOS 300) and lens (Canon EF 75-300mm 4-5.6); I wanted to get closer and closer. I discovered the superimposition setting on my camera and this became my favourite type of shots for some time.

The following year I was given another big break (probably because I was free), and was asked to take the photos for Malluka's first album "The Deceptive Sound of This". On the day of the shoot I turned up with my step-dad's medium format camera, which I had never used before and had one afternoon to get all the shots for the sleeve. Very nerve wracking but it turned out for the best.

A couple of years later, Alison Shaw (lead singer of Cranes) asked to use one of my photos for their "Live in Italy" album artwork. So it got to a stage where bands were using my photos on their websites, in their fanzines and occasionally on album sleeves, which gave me a nice feeling of accomplishment. But it was at that time that the photographic world went digital, and I was unfortunately left behind. Those who had invested in digital SLR cameras could make their photos available instantly where as I was always too late, having to wait to get my photos processed and scanned.

It is really since I bought my digital SLR (Canon EOS 350D) that I have been keen to experiment further and the encouragement from various people has motivated me to start again.

Up to today, I still have not read a book about photography! I started a photography course via distance learning last year, mainly because I felt I should learn the right terminology and technique. A year down the line I haven't made much progress, I seem to naturally revert to learning through a lot of practice, trial and error. This is what works for me... I hope you enjoy the photos and would love to hear your feedback and critique.

Best wishes,

London, 14/02/09

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